If your business is located within the cities of Bovey or Coleraine -- in other words, you're IN our coverage area -- you can have your commercials on the air FREE. Please e-mail and we'll be in touch.  Yes, a fully produced, professional commercials for FREE.  No catch, no gimmicks, no baloney.  If you can hear us over the air your ads are FREE.

If you're NOT in our coverage area -- basically if you're outside of Bovey and Coleraine...

Yes, we'll sell you commercials.  You want to know how much.  The answer is 30 cents. That's right, THIRTY CENTS.  Less than 1/3 of a dollar.  Each.  That's a full 30 second commercial, fully produced, by real, professional radio announcers, with music and everythingl  We'll even write you a script, send you the finished ad as a mp3 and let you approve the script.  If you want to run your ad on other stations we'll gladly send it to them to use at no charge.  There's over 40 years of professional broadcasting behind IRC Radio.  You'll get a real commercial.  If you have an already produced jingle, yes, we can use that. If you don't and wish you did, we can get one made for you (but it'll cost ya).  If you have agency produced ads, yes, we can use them.  There is one catch.  You must buy a minimum of 20 ads.  Yes, you have to run your commercial a minimum of 20 times.  That's 6 bucks worth. You can run one ad a day for 20 days. Ten ads a day for two days, whatever you like.  60 bucks would get you 200 ads!  And I can promise you you'll get plenty of bonus ads too at no additional charge.

Things to remember -- IRC Radio covers ONLY Bovey and Coleraine.  Reception is marginal at night.  Ads are priced accordingly.

However, in the near future we will be streaming live on the internet, which means we'll be broadcasting to the WORLD using what is certain to be the future of independent radio -- the INTERNET!  Once we start broadcasting to the world our rates will likely increase. However, if you've already purchased ads they'll go on the live stream too at no extra charge. Here's an example. Lets say you decide to run 5 ads a day for a year.  That's 1825 commercials.  That would cost you $547.50.  Lets say we start streaming in 3 months from the time you buy, that means 3/4 of your ads will be broadcast EVERYWHERE via the world wide web at NO additional charge as well as "on the air" on 1620 AM!  Of course, you can change your ad "copy" anytime you need to throughout the run of your ads.

Email for information, and we'll be in touch!