The Music!

Of course the most important part of IRC Radio is the music! I haven't figured out exactly what to call our format yet, either "Countrycanna" or "Americountry" but what they call country music today isn't really country music, is it?  Remember when country music didn't involve 50,000 seat stadiums,  pyrotechnics, 100,000 watt sound systems, lasers, and getting a seat for the show two football fields away from the stage?  Country music used to be far more intimate and personal.

The music on IRC Radio is what I define as real country music.  Both kinds.  Country AND Western!  And some cowboy music too. Western swing.  Ballads.  A polka, or a boogie. Even some gospel tunes, or a rockabilly number.  Roughly speaking our music swath covers from the 1930's to the 1970's, but be advised that very few tunes from the 70's make the cut, 'cause they're on the cusp of being "stadium country".  Around these parts no one should be playing an electric violin.  And there might be an accordion involved.  Might not even be a drummer. We don't even care if a song was a "hit".  A very small percentage of songs become "hits" while so many fell by the wayside.  The IRC theory is if an artist had the talent to have a hit, they probably had the same talent on the rest of their recordings too!

If there is an artist that you think we should be playing but you haven't heard yet, please drop us an email. Love to add more songs.  As I write this we're at about 4,000 tunes, but songs are being added weekly.  Also, if you hear a song and it's driving you nuts trying to remember who it is singing, or what the title is, send us an email.  We log all the songs played and if you can give us the date and approximate time, and a few lines from the song and other hints, I'm sure tracking down the artist and title will not be a problem.

Our goal is to provide great country western music with the local information you need, world news not being broadcast by commercial stations in the area, and commercials that are actually interesting! Yes, you can buy an ad.  And they're pretty darn reasonable, too.

Gospel music fans check out "Gospel Memories" on Sunday mornings at 8 AM. Produced in Chicago you'll hear a great lineup of traditional gospel and jubilee music.  Special thanks for Bob Marovich for making arrangements for us to broadcast his program up here on the Iron Range!

We make one deviation from "old" country music, and that's for the CDTex Radio Show on Saturday afternoons at 3PM. Two hours of modern country, except it's all Texas and Red Dirt music, so while it sounds current and modern, it's not all the same ol' thing you hear on the other country stations.  Trust me, it's a lot of GREAT music!

For Olde Tyme music fans we have our own polka and old time music show "Tim's Oompah Hour" every Saturday night at 7 PM and repeated Sunday afternoons at 3 PM.  All your favorite old time bands and songs, on your "old time oldies show".  All the songs on the Oompah Hour are from actual phonograph records! Here all your favorites the way you remember them! Hosted by Tim Edwards, pulling records from his collection of over 40,000 records! It's real live radio, with real live records, and now syndicated all over the country!

And yes, for those of you who care about such things, all our music is licensed through performing rights organizations (BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC).  In fact, the music licensing is the most expensive part of the entire operation!

Iron Range Country Radio

"We Don't Play No Dang Alabama"