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Now Broadcasting on Bovey Cable TV Channel 2!

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Have you noticed that the great traditional country music has disappeared? No radio stations are playing vintage country.  You can't buy the CD's in the stores.  Even satellite radio doesn't seem to have a channel for it out of their list of over 100 channels!  So much great music was made "back in the day".  Here comes Iron Range Country Radio to save all that great music!  Country music from the 1930's to the early 1970's.  Our playlist already has  hundreds of artists, thousands of songs, and we're constantly adding more.  If you have a favorite artist you want to be sure we include, please send an email!

We are a low power AM radio station, with our primary coverage area being Bovey and Coleraine.  Of course we can be heard in the rural areas around town too, and on the lakes. We are at 1620 on the AM radio dial, and you can also listen in on Bovey cable channel 2.

We use an FCC certified transmitter, and have a complete broadcast studio comparable to that of any larger radio station.

The links above will give you some insight into our music, how best to receive our broadcasts, the concept of low power neighborhood broadcasting, an even info if you'd like to advertise with us.

Advertising information, song requests, programming comments: email or call 218-259-2985


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